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History of Changes


Version 0.5 [Isis] (5 January 2005)


  • add Added Developer Guide, Documentation Overview, Project Mission, Project Bylaws, Troubleshooting Guide, How-To Create A Package. (TCM)
  • update Updated HTML documentation: HTML Documentation Structure and Organization, UML Diagram. (TCM)


  • add Added: TDBAppender, TDBLogInserter, initialization and finalization to TLevel, TPatternLayout. (TCM)
  • update Updated: Fixed small bug in TPrintWriter and TFileAppender, Completely rewritten unit tests. (TCM)

Version 0.4 [Valenti] (6 December 2005)


  • add Added PDF version of all documentation. (TCM)
  • update Updated HTML documentation: Release Plan, Welcome Page, Tutorial, User Guide, FAQ and To Do List. (TCM)


  • add Added: TPropertyConfigurator, TOptionConverter, TStringTokenizer and Unit test. Added example properties file. (TCM)
  • update Updated: Made default site-wide threshold to the ALL level, Added removeAllAppenders to TLogger and Fixed small bug in TProperties. (TCM)

Version 0.3 [River Dog] (2 October 2005)


  • add Added: Created first draft of User Guide. (TCM)
  • update Updated HTML documentation: Release Plan, Welcome Page and Install instructions. (TCM)


  • add Added: THTMLLayout, XMLLayout and Unit test. (TCM)
  • update Updated: Override Signature to destructors, fixed bug #1297284. Added Delphi 5 package and changed code to compile on Delphi 5. (TCM)
  • update Updated: Changed build.xml to only perform zipping of distributions, compilation is now performed entirely through make using the Makefile. (TCM)

Version 0.2 [Valhandra] (3 September 2005)


  • add Initial import into CVS. (TCM)


  • add Added: Changes, Tutorial, API, Design Overview, Release Plan, Coding Standards, CVS Repo and Documentation and Contributing sections to HTML Docsumentation. (TCM)
  • update Updated: Readme, Download Page, FAQ, Contact Page. (TCM)


  • add Added: TWriterAppender, TErrorHandler, TOnlyOnceErrorHandler, TLogLog. (TCM)


  • update TLayout: added the getHeader and getFooter methods as well as ignoresException and getContentType. (TCM)


  • update Added Util: Util folder now contains TPrintWRiter, TProperties and TStrings. These are used internally by Log4Delphi. (TCM)
  • update TLogger: added multiple loggers accessible with the TLogger.getInstance(name) method. (TCM)


  • update TLoggingEvent: added the exception field and getException method. (TCM)

Version 0.1 [Nasedo] (6 August 2005)


  • add Initial Release. (TCM)