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Reporting Bugs

You can report bugs here .

Using The Mailing Lists

A mailing list is an electronic discussion forum that anyone can subscribe to. When someone sends an email message to the mailing list, a copy of that message is broadcast to everyone who is subscribed to that mailing list. Mailing lists provide a simple and effective communication mechanism. With potentially thousands of subscribers, there is a common set of etiquette guidelines that you should observe. Please keep on reading.


Respect the mailing list type.

There are two types of lists.

User List
The User list is where you can send questions and comments about configuration, setup, usage and other "user" types of questions.
Developer List
The Developer list is where you can send questions and comments about the actual software source code and general "development" types of questions.

Ask smart questions.

Every volunteer project obtains its strength from the people involved in it. You are welcome to join any of our mailing lists and can choose to lurk, or actively participate; it's up to you. The level of community responsiveness to specific questions is generally directly proportional to the amount of effort you spend formulating your question.

Keep your email short and to the point.

If your email is more than about a page of text, chances are that it won't get read by very many people. It is much better to try to pack a lot of informative information (see above about asking smart questions) into as small of an email as possible. If you are replying to a previous email, it is a good idea to only quote the parts that you are replying to and to remove the unnecessary bits. This makes it easier for people to follow a thread as well as making the email archives easier to search and read.

Do not send HTML or "Stylelized" email to the list.

If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express or Eudora, chances are that you are sending HTML email by default. There is usually a setting that will allow you to send "Plain Text" email. If you are using Microsoft products to send email, there are several bugs in the software that prevent you from turning off the sending of HTML email

Do not cross post messages.

In other words, pick a mailing list and send your messages to that mailing list only. Do not send your messages to multiple mailing lists. The reason is that people may be subscribed to one list and not to the other. Therefore, some people will only see part of the conversation.

The Lists

The User's List

The user's list page can be found at:

The Developer's List

The developer's list page can be found at:

The Forums

The forums present another mechanism to get in touch with developers and users. While the mailing lists are the prefered method of contact, the forum provides a viable alternative for those who do not wish to join the mailing lists. The forums can be accessed here.

Contacting the Webmaster

Any feedback relating specifically to the website may be sent to the webmaster via email. Any question not related to the website will simply be ignored so don't bother. The webmaster can be reached at Webmaster.