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Developer Guide

Before Sending Code

Please read this section before sending code to one of the developers. First make sure you have read

  1. User Guide
  2. Project Bylaws
  3. Troubleshooing Guide
  4. Coding Standards
  5. CVS Information

as these documents all contain information that is vital to developers.

The Next Step

The next step is to join the developer mailing list and get in touch with the developers.

Bug Reports and Patches

The Troubleshooing Guide contains all the information needed for making bug reports and submitting patches. Please do not email this information to the developers or the developer list.

Interested in Adding A Feature

If you are interested in adding a feature to Log4Delphi, first discuss it on the developer mailing list. This is to prevent people from doing work which might not be used, either because someone is already working on that feature or because it is not in line with the general direction of the project.

And Finally...

Don't beg to be given developer status or commit access to the code base. You will be invited by an administrator only if you make sufficient and welcome contributions to the project. Read Project Bylaws to understand how this works.