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Frequently Asked Questions about Log4Delphi


Getting Started and Building Log4Delphi

What versions of Delphi does Log4Delphi support?


Log4Delphi is developed on Delphi 6 Enterprise and has been made to compile on Delphi 5. It is assumed that later versions of Delphi should work. Prior versions will most likely run into errors. We will release packages for prior versions of Delphi in later versions of Log4Delphi.

Where can I read an overview about how to work with Log4Delphi?


See the Getting Started guide.

Which version of Log4Delphi does the website documentation relate to?


The latest stable release, by using the latest release the information contained on the website will be relevant.

How can I use CVS to keep up to date with the latest codebase?


See the CVS guide.


Does It Run On Linux?


Log4Delphi is generic enough to be compiled on Kylix. Although this has not yet been tested it should work without error.

What is the MD5 file in the file releases?


The MD5 file is a text file that contains an MD5 checksum of the corresponding archive generated at the same time that the archive was created. It is used to ensure the integrity of the downloaded archive. For more information see the Download page.

Older Versions

How can I upgrade to the latest version?


It depends how you installed the previous version. If you installed the package it is recommended to first uninstall it before proceeding to install the new package. If, however, you simply copied the source code into your project's code base, then simply overwriting them with the newer source files should work. See the User Guide for specific instructions.


Where are the log files to find more infomation about errors?


Log4Delphi's internal logging will send log output to a file named log4delphi.log in the current directory of your application, this will typically be the directory from which your application gets run. You can control this feature using the log4delphi.debug directive in a properties configuration file. See the User Guide for more information.

How can I help or contribute?


Join one of the Log4Delphi project mailing lists and tell us what you would like to see improved. We regard all feedback as valuable, particularly from newcomers—often, close proximity blinds software developers to faults that are obvious to everyone else. Don't be shy!

Why create new logging project for Delphi? Analogous project Log4D already exists?


Log4D last updated their CVS 16 Months ago, the project has had no recent activity since then. They also have no file releases which means new users would have to get source code from the CVS repository which is not good.

Log4D is also a direct port of Log4J while Log4Delphi is loosely based on Log4J which means that Log4Delphi does not have to follow what Log4J is doing, we can deviate from log4j at any time, which is a good thing, considering the numerous differences between Java and Delphi.