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How-To Create A Package

Create A Delphi Package for your Delphi Version


This How-To describes the steps necessary to create a Log4Delphi package for your version of Delphi.

Intended Audience

Developers who wish to have a Log4Delphi package where none exists for their version of Delphi.


You should have:

  1. A source distribution of Log4Delphi.
  2. The version of Delphi you wish to use, installed and operational on your computer.


Here is how to proceed.

  1. Launch Delphi and close all open projects.
  2. Select New from the File menu and choose Package.
  3. Save the package in the log4Delphi-version/src/delphi directory as log4delphi_D<delphi version>.dpk
  4. In the package viewer in Delphi, click the Add button to add source code to the package. Click the Browse button in the dialog that appears.
  5. Select all the source code (*.pas) including source files in the util/ sub-directory.
  6. Click the OK button.
  7. Select Options from the Project menu and select the Directories/Conditionals tab.
  8. Set the Output and Unit Output directories to ../../build. Click the OK button.
  9. You can now click the Compile button to compile the package.
  10. You can optionally click the Install button to install the package.


If no Log4Delphi package exists for your version it is quite easy to create your own using the steps given in this document.