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Log4Delphi Project Mission

Mission Statement

The project's mission statement is as folows:

To produce a high quality and usable logging suite for Borland's Delphi loosely based on the Log4J package.

Project Goals

The project has three main goals:

Simplicity should drive everything, the suite should be simple to understand and simple to use.
Loosely based on Log4J
The Log4J package is a mature logging package for the Java Platform. Log4Delphi is based on that package in such a way that those who know and understand Log4J will easily pick up and learn Log4Delphi.
Log4Delphi should be flexible enough to easily integrate into new and existing Delphi projects, by following standard Delphi practices.

Project Development

Project development follows three basic principles:

  • collaborative software development with respectful, honest, technical-based interaction
  • commercial-friendly standard license
  • consistently high quality software

Project Methodology

The project employs the eXtreme Programming methodology focussing on three core principles:

Frequent Releases
The project aims to have a release every month, with each release introducing one new feature.
Test Driven Development
Unit testing allows the code base to be easily refactored without breaking any existing code.
Constantly improving the code base through refactoring.